Hermione's hideout

Journal of a Catholic-exploring folkie

22 October 1984
Catmint-1984 is a somewhat scatty, mad bookworm, usually with her head in the clouds and her mind in her own little world (which she considers to be infinitely preferable to the real world), with a penchant for peppermint tea before bed. She's currently studying English Lit at Exeter University (being dyslexic just adds to the challenge, and there's nowt wrong with a challenge - makes life more interesting!), and enjoying it immensely (it helps that she has some really good friends and has joined a number of societies). She is a self-confessed nutcase (though prefers the term "eccentric" because she thinks it sounds more interesting). She attends a Free Evangelical church at home, but her heart lies in Catholicism now. She's currently being trained (during uni holidays!) as a BSL interpreter at her home church - though it's not formal, official training, she is capable of interpreting a whole church service, but does appreciate people speaking clearly, loudly and not too fast, and also appreciates having the correct songs! She dreams of days with enough hours in them to allow her to do everything she wants to do; unfortunately, such a day is not currently in existence.